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Code Smells After Reading “Clean Code”

July 27, 2011 Leave a comment

I created projects that I don’t want to look at any more, because of complexity and total mess. You probably heard about “Clean Code” by Robert C. Martin, if not I encourage you to buy this book and read it.

I thought that having technical knowledge is enough to create great applications. It’s not true. Source code is written by developers for developers. Having clean code is one of the most important things in software development. It’s very wide idea but I will write the most important (for me) code smells that I will try to use in my all projects. Read more…

GoF Design Patterns Card

January 12, 2011 Leave a comment

Currently, I’m implementing design patterns from GoF book in Objective-C (when I’m writing this post all creational and structural patterns are already implemented). You can find information about it at project page.

To memorize all of these patterns it’s good to have some kind of a reference in a single, easy to access place. I found on the McDonaldLand blog pretty nice card having diagrams of all patterns contained in this book. Direct link to the pdf can be found here.

You can store it on your desktop, print it and hung on the wall or put under the pillow to learn it when you are sleeping (well known diffusion learning process 🙂 ).

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