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The most interesting story of my life had begun since primary school. During the basketball tournament in 5th grade, I was chosen to be a part of basketball team and a member of sport class. Since that moment, I had to reconcile sport with learning. I will always remember this period of my life as a very good time. However, I had many injuries, so my basketball career was almost over. I quit professional basketball trainings in second grade of high school, were I was the captain of the basketball team also.

Primary School (8th grade) – Katowice City Champions (I’m second from left, upper row)

8th High School in Katowice, Poland (8. LO im. Marii Skłodowskiej-Curie)

I chose 8th High School in Katowice named after Maria Skłodowska-Curie, which was one of the best in the region at that time. High standard of learning, difficult preliminary exams, but I have proved to myself that I am able to cope with challenges. German language specialization class gave me the possibility to learn the second foreign language, because I’ve been learning English language starting in second grade of primary school. During the high school I fought that I will study the law, but when I have started creating software, I knew that this is it, what I want to do in the future.

In my opinion, the best university in the region for studying computer science was Silesian University of Technology. I was hesitated between faculty of computer science and macro-faculty. The second one gives the base knowledge of automatic control, robotics, electronics, telecommunication and computer science. In the end, it majors in one of these domains. One more difference that is important is that all courses and exams are in English. I claim that macro-faculty gives such experience in use of technical English language, which cannot be find elsewhere.

Silesian University of Technology (Department of Automatic Control, Electronics and Computer Science)

Wu-Shu Kuan Chung-Fu training camp (I’m the most left)

During studies, I improved my computer science skills. I also had time for my hobbies. I have been reading books about ancient civilizations and religions. I had intellectual relax during the practice of Wu-Shu (better known as Kung-Fu) martial art in Polish Wu-Shu Kuan Chung-Fu Assosiation. I learnt that the fight is the last option. There is always better way to solve conflicts.

Currently, I’m doing all that programming stuff. Designing, testing, implementing, coding, scripting, etc. I’m interested in C++ and Objective-C programming languages. As for now, I was working for IBM and Sabre. I am not able to show what I’ve done for these companies, because I was creating high-availability backend systems. Currently I’m doing what I wanted to do just after finishing university. I’m programming games for iOS systems (iPad and iPhone) and Ganymede is paying for this. All this stuff is detailed described in my CV. You can see it after you mail me: zbyhoo@gmail.com

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