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Dev Diary: Lokomotywa – Julian Tuwim

Kids always says the truth. Creating application for kids is simple from one point of view but really hard from the other one. They will not tell you that animation lost couple of frames, but will tell you that this character is ugly and don’t want to play any more.

Peaple outside Poland probably hadn’t heard about Lokomotywa poem by Julian Tuwim, but in my country it’s one of the best know children’s poem ever. Big Rabbit made a marvelous job exploring it again in a completely new way. You can notice wonderful ilustrations, exclusive soundtrack composed especially for this book and narration made by Piotr Fronczewski (famous polish actor). Big Rabbit is a group on nice peaple who want to make things that are just outstanding.

During my couple years of development with variety of companies and people I’ve never seen such detailed and polished storyboard. Maybe I worked with wrong people? 🙂 I knew exactly what should I code when looking at this document. I had to make some corrections after the idea was implemented in real application, but it’s a normal process. I was told, that this document was modified and updated many times, but from my perspective it was awesome.

Lokomotywa - storyboard

Having idea and start working on app or game is only half of the success, the hardest part is to successfuly completing it. I was one of three developers taking part in coding this app. We didn’t worked simultanously. From different reasons we were unable to continue woring at this project. First developer, Tomasz Sandecki, made the most part of the application. I was the second one hired to make this app more stable and to implement additional features. The last but not least was Michał Zaborowski who made the final touches and, what’s most important, completed the project.

Creating Lokomotywa took more time than expected, but when you want to have a great app, it just takes time. Your first version will never be as good as expected, because it’s impossible making an app on the paper. You have to test and redesigin over and over again. I spend lots of hours helping this prodcut to see the daylight and I’m happy it reached App Store with my name in credits.

When you will show this app to your kids, say good bye to your iPad.
App Store (polish version): Lokomotywa
App Store (english version): coming soon
Web page: http://lokomotywa.bigrabbit.pl/

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