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Dev Diary: Bridgy Jones

People who say, that making games is easy, they don’t know anything about gamedev. I was working at different companies on variety of projects, but only game programming pushed my mind and skills to the next level. Maybe its passion? It doesn’t really matter now. Bridgy Jones is almost here!

Meet Bridgy and Bonner

From the idea through the prototype to the final product. Looks simple. Idea was simple – bridge builder. We decided to go with cocos2d framework for graphics, Box2D library for physics and Level Helper application for level design. Prototype was ready after two weeks. Final product planned in four months, worst case scenario – six months. Piece of cake! Really?

The story begins

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After four months we had first chapter with nearly 20 levels completed. A little bit behind schedule, but not bad. We pushed beta version to friends and the result can be described by single word: boring. No fun. No fun means the game is a piece of shit. We also weren’t satisfied with the gameplay, something was missing there. So we had to redesing, refactor, redraw and rethink almost everything. Now, when I compare that version with the current one, I hardly can find elements that are the same in those two. We couldn’t back on the right track for another two months. Everyone was frustrated and ready to quit this project. We had problems.

Gleam of hope

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When we reached six months mark, we had less to show than two month before. Every idea was implemented, tested and accepted or thrown away, with the majority of the latter. But at last something started to work. We introduced new elements to simple bridge builders, elements present currently in arcade platform games like: vehicle control, scripted and dynamic events, gameplay influenced by environment and many more. We started to have fun playing and what’s more important, other peaple had fun as well.


A little more than a year of hard work and the game is almost here with two chapters each composed with 16 levels and 4 additional bonus levels to unlock. More coming soon. Gorgeous graphics, excellent physics and addictive gameplay. Sounds like advertisement, but honestly, graphics are polished high quality hand drawn art (check out our graphic designer’s diribbble account and his portfolio). I worked hard to make physics look realistically on one hand and fun enough on the other hand. Box2D library has nothing to do with destructable elements, so behind the scene calculations’ are complicated but the result is very promising. Gameplay is the sum of all things, so you will desicide if it’s fun. It is for us.

Our team is small: project mamanger, graphic designer, level designer, and two developers incuding me (second developer joint us 3 months ago to speedup work progress). It’s really hard to make game that you are proud of, but Bridgy Jones is one of them. Just try it! It will be available in App Store soon.

Follow Bridgy on twitter: @BridgyJonesGame

Riding, riding, riding…

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