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iOS 5 Tech Talk – What it was about?

I had opportunity to be at iOS 5 Tech Talk in Berlin (November 2nd). Ride to Berlin with my car took about 5 hours. After a night in hostel I took a subway to city center where Maritim ProArte Hotel is located (2011 iOS 5 Tech Talk location in Berlin).

Throughout the whole day (this conference took only one day) waiters served food and drinks. Nice, but lets focus on presentations. Here is the whole agenda with marked presentations that I choose (during most of the day there were 3 parallel presentations).

I saw somewhere notice that information presented at this conference are confidential and we cannot blog or tweet about it. I’ll try to write a really brief description and hope nobody will concern about my little blog post.

iOS 5 Tech Talk Kickoff – nothing special, PR, bullshit and saying how great iOS 5 is.

iPhone and iPad User Interface Design – in general about differences in designing entertainment and utility apps. Pretty nice tips that for sure will help in designing my future apps.

Adopting iCloud Storage – Part 1 –  describing the general idea of the iCloud and how it works. You can find much more on the internet.

Understanding AV Foundation – not really interesting, only brief description of some parts of AV Foundation and still referencing WWDC 2011 videos about AV Foundation to get more information.

Turned-Based Gaming with Game Center – one more time only the general overview and talk about main classes and methods.

Harnessing OpenGL ES and GLKit – I didn’t read earlier about this new framework, so it was interesting for me. At last Apple introduced math library for vectors and matrices.

Taking Advantage of Automatic Reference Counting – I hoped to hear some really cool tips or tricks, but mostly it was the same you can read in documentation. I found “Everything you need to know about automatic reference counting (ARC)” article describing really everything you need to know.

Your iOS App Performance Hitlist – this was the last presentation, but for sure the most interesting one. Presenter gave really nice tips about performance issues in iOS apps and how you can efficiently use Instruments to trace them. It was worth waiting the whole day. I was waiting for such information that cannot be easily found in google and really help your work.

To summarize, only the last presentation (Performance Hitlist) was the one I was looking for. Maybe I chose the wrong ones? I don’t thing so. Was it worth going to this conference? Sure, I met couple of really interesting people and I hope that we will meet again, maybe to create new apps that will hit the top app on App Store 🙂

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