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My old project – Crash3D graphic engine

Today I found one of my really old pojects. It’s 3D graphic engine that I wanted to use during development of my games. I’ve never finished it. I even don’t want to look into the source code any more, because I remember that it was horrible. I was learning C++ back then. First I was writing a code and then thinking about design, and of course no tests at all instead of manual ones (today I have totally different philosophy).

I’ve learnt algebra and graphics algorithms during writing this “thing”. Instead of 3D graphics algorithms I implemented also post processing effects which are not shown in above video. It was implemented in C++ and OpenGL.

To create some interesting scenes I made simple editor. Honestly, I’ve never create cool looking scene in this editor, but again, I learnt a lot about WinAPI and realized that I don’t want to create applications in this API any more.


I just wanted to remember about these videos and it was the only reason of writing this post 🙂 It’s fun to watch your old work and see how much you have learnt since these days. That’s why I will not post source code for this project.

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